The Cycling Season is Not Over

The summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your bike away! We are open all year to help with all your cycling needs.

Cycling in the winter can be fun and there are a lot of people who actually think the wetter and muddier, the better!



It is important to have the right clothing for riding in the colder and wetter months as this can make a huge difference to your riding enjoyment. We suggest waterproof trousers, winter cycling shoes and gloves to help you get the most out of your experience. Nothing worse than riding the trails with cold and wet feet!


You might also want to think about changing from summer tyres to tyres that are designed to cope better with winter riding conditions. Appropriate tyres will give you better grip when cornering and inspire confidence in a wet and slippery environment.


Quench offers full servicing within its workshop and offers free bike health checks to help ensure that your bike is safe with no major issues. You might want to think about different tyres and possibly a winter drive train to help save money on your expensive, light weight kit but we’re always happy to advise. If you are hanging your bike up, bring it in for an end of season service. It will help it get through the winter in the shed and help ensure that when you bring it out again, it will be ready to hit the trails.

Check out our Servicing Packages here.


Having a good cleaning and lubricating regime is vital to keep your bike moving and operational through the winter months. Muc-off provide a full range of products to clean, protect and keep your bike looking and performing at its best. Visit us in-store to buy your Muc-off products.

The Benefits of Cycling Whatever the Weather

Cycling in the winter is not only a lot of fun, but it will also challenge your ability as a rider. The tracks might be a bit wetter and perhaps more slippery but that will enhance your braking, cornering and bike handling skills. As well as better skills, you will become fitter too, as you have to work harder on wet ground. That big hill wont seem quite so daunting compared to your mates who only wheel their bikes out in the spring and when you’ve finished having fun, you can clean your bike with our bike wash so that you take it home clean.


Call the shop or visit us in-store to book your bike in for a winter check!

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