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Hi, I’m David Cole. I own Quench, an outdoors cycling business based in Kent, with my wife Emma. Quench is about inspiring people and making a difference to their lives. We encourage them to be active and fit through cycling, allowing them to engage with and discover the thrill of the outdoors, by creating accessible adventure through fun, excitement, education and challenge.

IMG_0013When I first started Quench, someone once said to me, “Work on yourself harder than you work on your business”.

Over the 10 years that I have owned Quench, running a growing business, coupled with a young growing family, I found myself with less time and juggling so many plates inevitably started to take its toll. As middle age crept up on me, so did the scales and my doctor and family were starting to have concerns. And so did I once I had a look at recent UK health figures, find more information here.

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Whilst reading some notes, I came across the work harder on yourself message. So, in January 2016, I decided to do just that!

I still concentrated on the business, and my family but I also committed to staying fit, healthy and strong so that I could enjoy a better life and continue to support all of those things that are important in my life.

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Today I am writing this nearly 8 stone lighter. I am shortly due to be 50 and feel better now than I have done in years. I have lost 14 inches off my waist, dropped 3 top sizes and my skin is great. I had a well person check up this week too. They confirmed that my:

  • blood pressure is good
  • bad cholesterol is about average and my good cholesterol is very good
  • heart rate is well below average
  • heart age is below my biological age (unusual for men apparently)
  • and I am at low risk of coronary heart disease

To do this, I haven’t been on an extreme diet, or had surgery, I just made small changes to my lifestyle – eating healthily, staying active and having a positive mind-set is really all I did.

I would like the opportunity to help inspire you and make a difference to your life through the blog. To share with you my journey, what I did and the techniques I used which helped me. Hopefully, they will help you too.



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