Thinking of an Ebike? Watch this.

When it comes to ebikes, they can polarise views. Some people love them and others swear they’ll never swing their leg over one. They see it as diluting the sport and cheating.

Having ridden both ebike and analogue, I love both. I love the challenge and ‘purity’ of analogue but I love the feeling of the additional experience that ebiking provides.

Danny Macaskill described ebiking as “mountain biking amplified” and I would tend to agree with him, (after all, who am I to disagree with such a legend?) with the additional element that ebiking can provide and ultimately, I don’t think that you can cheat at having fun.

With numerous studies showing that you burn a similar number of calories as standard biking and that ebike owners ride more frequently, many people are making the change to ebiking.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what you choose, there’ll always be lovers and haters of both but ultimately I believe It’s about engaging with and discovering the thrill of the outdoors but if you’re thinking of switching to an ebike, here’s a video from EMBN that explores the pros and cons of of electric mountain bikes.

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