Speedframe Pro VS Speedframe Mips Whats the difference?


The ultimate protection from fox clothing. Find out the differences between the new Speedframe Mips & Speedframe Pro helmets and how D30 protection works in Knee and Elbow Guards.

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Available in two price points, the new Fox Speedframe Pro & Mips mountain bike helmet made quite a few social media waves when it was introduced. With a comfortable fit, killer graphics and colour options and tons of technology, the Fox Speedframe Pro and Speedframe helmet has been a fun helmets to look more in depth in.

Speedframe Pro

It looks like Fox really developed and took customer feedback for the Speedframe Pro, as it has pretty much every feature we’d expect and want on a premium trail helmet. It’s MIPS-equipped and has a removable, washable anti-bacterial liner. The helmet has a host of vents to keep air flowing through the helmet and around you head. It has Fox’s 360 Fit System retention system should make the Speedframe Pro highly adjustable.

It’s the little things that really count on a preium trail helmet. Like the Fidloc buckle system, fixed chin-strap unions under the ears, an adjustable visor and a neat little piece of molding along the back of the helmet to hold goggle straps.

Of course, safety is the priority of a helmet, so along with the MIPS system, Fox used dual-density Varbizob EPS foam in the Speedframe Pro. Dual-density foam provides protection against high-speed hits (a harder foam) and low-speed hits (softer foam).

Available at £139 the Speedframe Pro is priced just right for a premium MTB helmet.

The Speedframe Pro’s styling looks sexy and stylish, and comes in a variety of colors. Check it out at quenchcycles.com




The baby brother to the Speedframe Pro. The less-expensive regular Speedframe offers, very similar features as the Speedframe Pro. What it lacks is the dual-density EPS foam, the gloss finish, improved graphics, antibacterial pads and liner and the Fidloc buckle. You still get a MIPS liner, adjustable visor, removable liner and the 360 Fit System. For £99, the Speedframe offers a pretty great value.

Check out the Speedframe here


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