Free Bike Health Check

A full 36 point inspection of your bike to ensure that  it is safe and fully working with recommendations of any work that needs to be done and associated costs.

All servicing comes with a completed worksheet highlighting all work done and mechanics recommendations. Servicing prices include labour and vat but do not include the cost of any parts, which will be charged at RRP. We are happy to carry out and quote for all other work on an individual job basis.

Please see our price list below or download it here. (Hourly labour rate £55)


*Kids bikes up-to 26” is £60

Service Guide

Tweak£40 Prime£95* Pro
Pro Full

– Index gears and ensure smooth shifting

– Identify any cables in need of replacement


– Check alignment, lever operation, pad wear and performance

– Check pads and advise as necessary


– Check chain for wear, stretch and appropriate chain length

36-Point Safety Check

– Inspection of the frame components looking for signs of excessive wear and potentially dangerous condition

– Ensure all bolts are fastened at correct torque

Identify any areas that may need more attention

– Strip and degrease entire drivetrain

– Rebuild and lubricate

– Check derailleur alignment


– Check wheel trueness, true where necessary

– Check tyres condition

Brake & dropper post bleed

– Check for signs of excessive air and bleed as required

Full wash, clean & polish

– Strip all parts down to the frame and fork

– Check surfaces and threads for wear and damage

– Clean and degrease all parts


– Inspect hubs, headset, bottom bracket bearings and advise/adjust/replace as necessary


– Rebuild, regrease and lubricate

Linkage bearings and axles

– Strip, inspect and replace or regrease and lubricate as necessary

Price List

  • Gear inner fit £10
  • Gear outer & inner fit £15
    (per shifter/mech - surcharge for internal routing)
  • Adjustment £10
    (per shifter/mech)
  • Chain fit £10
  • Mech fit £25
    (includes new inner cable)
  • Cassette fit £20
  • Chainring fit £10
  • Gear hanger alignment £15
  • Degrease £45
    (mechs, chain, cassette, chainring)
  • Tube fit £12
  • Tubeless set-up/Tyre fit £20
    (includes sealant)
  • Tubeless sealant top-up £10
  • Wheel true £20
  • Front hub service £20
  • Rear hub service £40
  • Rim swap £40
  • Wheel build £60
  • Pads fit & caliper adjust £10
  • Disc rotor true/fit £10
  • Brake bleed £25
  • Brake hose length adjust & bleed £30
  • Brake hose replacement adjust & bleed £35
  • Disc brake system fit & bleed £40
  • Surcharge for internal routing £10
  • Headset service/fit £30
  • Bottom bracket service/fit £25
  • Dropper post fit £20
    (Surcharge for internal routing £10)
  • Dropper post bleed £20
  • Fork fit £30
  • Shock bush replacement £10
  • Linking bearing service £40
    (Guide £10 bearing. Minimum charge £40)
  • Full bike build £120
  • Misc hourly labour charge £55
  • Bike frame £175
  • Forks £45
  • Wheel decals £40
  • Shocks £35
  • Seat post £45
  • Forks full service £90
  • Forks lower service £45

Storage Charges

Bikes will be stored for 7 days free of charge after completion of any work. Any additional time in storage will incur a charge of £1 per day.

Additional Charges

If new parts are required to repair your bike, we shall notify you of any additional costs in advance of carrying out any work or ordering new parts.

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