If you’re an MTB lover, you’ll probably know the pain of getting a deep scratch on your frame. However, even if you’re riding the craziest terrains, scuffs and marks can be avoided when you take advantage of Quench’s Invisiframe fitting service.

Invisiframe is the best bike frame protection on the market, designed to keep your bike looking brand new. At Quench, our specialist mechanics will take on your Invisiframe fitting with ease and attention to detail to offer you long-lasting protection and quality.



What is Invisiframe?

Voted as a Most Wanted feature in MBR Magazine, Invisiframe offers custom designed and professionally cut bike frame protection to you. This helps keep your bicycle paintwork looking brand new under this unique protective layer.

Additionally, the gloss vinyl included can be polished – adding to the longevity of your finish and in turn, keeping your bike looking good. Having this extra level of bike frame protection ultimately means that all of those annoying little scratches created from muddy, rocky trails can be polished out!


How does the Invisiframe fitting process work?

When you take advantage of our Invisiframe fitting service, we will order the appropriate invisiframe kit for your make and model of bike and forks. Our expert technicians have fitted hundreds of kits, will then ensure that they fit yours perfectly to ensure an amazing finish and the best frame protection.  It takes about half a day to fit a kit to our exacting standards, which ideally you should then leave to cure for 24hrs to ensure the best finish.

During the fitting process, we will first clean your bike to ensure that its completely dirt and dust free. We apply each laser cut part to each area of your bike to ensure a completely flat, super smooth, nearly invisible finish. 


What are the benefits of choosing Invisiframe?

Originally developed to protect car paint from stone chip and abrasion damage, our Invisiframe services use premium quality automotive vinyl to offer you an extra layer of bike frame protection. Non-yellowing and self-healing, you can expect your bike paint protection to be completely stain resistant too!

When you choose an Invisiframe fitting at Quench, you can be sure that we can protect and minimise general trail wear, scuffs and abrasions, as well as storage and transportation mishaps – keeping your bike looking newer for much longer.

Expert bike frame protection from Quench Cycles

If you’re looking for unbeatable bike frame protection, you’re in the right place. Quench Flimwell have delivered fantastic quality Invisiframe fitting services for years that are guaranteed to keep your bike in excellent condition, no matter your riding style!

Our Invisiframe fitting prices are:

  • Frames: £100.00 + Kit
  • Forks: £20.00 + Kit

If you’re looking to prevent wear and tear using Invisiframe with Quench, contact us today and we’ll book you in to install your bike frame protection.

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