Located in the beautiful surroundings of Flimwell Park, East Sussex – just between Hawkhurst and the Flimwell junction – Quench Cycles Bike Servicing, Repair & Tech Centre is one of the top-ranked ACT recognised workshops in the UK.

Having a great quality bike suspension service regularly is essential if you want to keep your high-end bike at optimum performance.  You’ll notice a difference in how your bike rides immediately after having either your forks or shocks serviced compared to those forks and shocks that have been neglected.

At Quench, we are able to carry out our expert MTB suspension service for both forks and shocks on all the major brands of bikes and components, with quick turnaround times to help keep you cycling, Check out how we can help you today.


Why do I need a bike suspension service?

It’s not uncommon for some cycling enthusiasts to never have their bike or  MTB suspension serviced. If this is you, you might think that you’re not doing any damage – but it’s not worth the risk! Though you might not notice the gradual loss of performance that occurs over time, you’ll be amazed by how much difference a simple clean, oil change, or seals change can make in the performance of your fork and shocks.


Close up of a bike suspension.


Choosing an MTB fork service at Quench

At Quench, our experienced in-house servicing team, will carry out your suspension service with great care and attention to detail for your peace of mind, ensuring a high quality finish.

Whether its a full fork strip down, or lower leg service, when you come to Quench for an MTB fork service, you can expect to receive a full pre-service test and clean. If you need any parts replaced, our technicians will let you know before working on your forks – no matter the brand or model so that you have no unexpected surprises and know exactly what we’ve done.

Our experienced technicians strip down and inspect all internal parts. We will then fit a new seals and components and lubricate before rebuilding and repressurising the forks. You will then receive a post-service test before returning your bike to you with a full report that includes all the work we’ve done during the suspension fork service.


Choosing an MTB shock service at Quench

An MTB shock or air can service at Quench can transform the performance of your bike more than you’d expect. Our experts are able to carry this out for most brands, including Fox and Rockshox.

Typically, a Quench shock service includes a full strip down to inspect and clean the air canister. We will then fit new seals and lubricate the shock, before rebuilding and repressurising it. Afterwards, we will return your bike to you with a full report that includes all the work we’ve done during the service


Close up of the front of a bike


Benefits of an MTB suspension service 

There are a number of benefits in receiving a bike suspension service from one of our experts at Quench Flimwell. Most suspension manufacturers recommend having your high-performance suspension components rebuilt at least once a year, if not more. Servicing your fork and shock regularly not only extends their lifespan, it also keeps them performing their best.

An effective MTB suspension service will help you to avoid prolonged wear and tear that may eventually become irreversible. Our mission is to really keep your bike riding at its optimum performance, so when servicing any suspension components, our highly experienced mechanics will only use the best quality oils and seals. Our in-person services also mean that you won’t necessarily have to send your forks and shocks away, saving you time and money.


We’re specialists in high-end suspension servicing

At Quench’s Flimwell Service, Repair & Tech Centre, we know that spending a lot of money on a big-name bike is a huge deal, and so you’ll always want to keep it in the best shape possible. That’s why we tailor our MTB suspension servicing to what you need.

We offer both Rockshox fork servicing and Rockshox rear shock servicing to keep your bike performing better for longer. Our mechanics are also experts in all things Fox, offering both Fox fork servicing and Fox shock servicing for the best performance on your suspension set up.


Fox logo Rockshox logo


Industry-leading MTB suspension service in Flimwell

At Quench, we will tailor your MTB suspension service and bike settings to you and your riding style to give you the best ride possible. We will also provide you with these base settings for future use. On top of this, we can also offer the option to use our Shock Wiz to further improve the feel of your suspension.



Our Flimwell centre is dedicated to offering you the very best MTB suspension service for your money. Plus, with our Bedgebury trails just a stone’s throw away from our store, you can test your bike straight away and come back for any adjustments and advice. 

Our prices start at:

  • Shocks from £35
  • Seat post from £55
  • Forks full service from £90
  • Forks lower service from £45

Find out more about bike service and repairs here.  

If you are located too far away from Quench Flimwell but would still like to take advantage of our excellent bike suspension service, we also provide mail in services with return postage at £14. 

If you’re interested in making the very most of your bike with Quench, contact us today to book in an MTB suspension service.

Contact store on 01580 879694 or email bedgebury@quenchuk.co.uk for more information.

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