There are enormous benefits in cycling to work every day – it’s as time-effective as it is cost-effective. If your business owns a fleet of bicycles, it’s up to you to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible whilst minimising any risk of loss or injury.

At Quench, we’re here to take the stress out of fleet maintenance and management. We can consult on all aspects of bike fleet management, finding solutions to any issues you may have during the process. Our tailored services mean that your specific requirements will always be met in a way that provides you with excellent value for money.


What is bicycle fleet management?

Bicycle fleet management is the process of managing, consulting on and maintaining a business’ cycling fleet so that each and every bicycle is tracked, road legal and safe and efficient to use. There are a number of different elements that need to be considered in order to build a watertight bike fleet management and maintenance strategy.

These include developing and implementing highly organised fleet strategies appropriate to your business and the size of your fleet. It also includes implementing measures that prevent loss or damage, including regular fleet bike maintenance service and bike tracking.

At Quench’s Service, Repair and Tech Centre in Flimwell, we offer all of the above and more. Our mission is to help you to meet your environmental objectives in the most safe and practical way possible in order to save you precious time and money.



What is bike fleet maintenance?

The fleet maintenance process includes regularly servicing and repairing your bicycle in order to ensure that it’s completely functional, road legal and most importantly, safe for everyone to ride.

 At Quench Flimwell, we believe that fleet maintenance is most effective when it’s preventative as this saves your business from having to pay pricey repair costs if an issue is left for too long – therefore helping you to reduce operating costs, consistently pass official inspections and many other benefits.


Why is bike fleet maintenance important?

Fleet maintenance is extremely important if you want to keep your bicycles up and running and available at all times. By having regular servicing performed on your fleet, you are ensuring that each and every bike is safe and performing well, which will in turn reassure and encourage your employees that they are ready for use.

At Quench’s Flimwell centre, we offer comprehensive fleet maintenance for your bikes available on site in order to best suit your needs. As well as maintaining and servicing your bikes, we can also supply you with any necessary repairs or parts in order to ensure their longevity. This allows you to get the very best value for your money when you receive bike fleet management.


What does a bike fleet consultant do?

When you turn to Quench for fleet management consulting, a friendly member of our expert management team will take on a number of roles to ensure safety and efficiency for your fleet. Your fleet manager will oversee all the fleet operations within your company to ensure that you are running in compliance with all UK laws and regulations whilst remaining as efficient as possible. 

We will regularly review your fleet and perform any essential fleet maintenance in order to keep your bicycles on the road and running smoothly. We will also take on board the responsibility for directing and managing your fleet assets and the costs of the bikes owned or leased by you to ensure that everything runs as it should do.




What are the benefits of bike fleet management?

If you have a bicycle fleet of any scale, then you need to consider taking bike fleet management consulting services on board. There are a number of benefits of regular bike fleet management and fleet maintenance.

Having your business cycles regularly undergo fleet maintenance will improve the efficiency of your fleet services in the long run, which will in turn both increase productivity and reduce your team’s general health and safety issues – thanks to the Quench team’s excellent bike service and repair standards reducing the number of repairs needed.

Our bicycle fleet management also focuses heavily on organisation when it comes to advising on the running of your cycle fleet. This will help you to stay fit for purpose and legal in areas you wouldn’t have previously noticed – saving you time and money.

Consistent tracking also allows you to know exactly where your bikes and all their accessories and extras are at any given time and when you can expect to receive these back. This prevents any unnecessary losses that ultimately take time to rectify – essentially giving your business time back to focus on more important areas.


Bicycle fleet management consulting services at Quench

At Quench Flimwell, we offer a range of different bike fleet management consulting services and fleet maintenance to keep your business or hire centre operating as well as it should be. We also offer third party bike fleet management contracts to keep you on the right lines with the legal elements of your fleet.



With years of experience in fleet maintenance and management, Quench and their services have been trusted by a number of big names in the industry. Particularly, we are the preferred providers for British Cycling, Four Seasons Hotels as well as various schools across the country.

If you’re looking to invest in excellent quality bike fleet management and fleet maintenance services, contact us today and we’ll be in touch.

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