Our friends at Raleigh HQ shared some handy tips and tricks on how to get back into cycling.

Don’t push too hard

On your first ride back, you’re going to be a little rusty as you’ll be using muscles you haven’t used for a while and your legs really aren’t going to like it. Start by setting small goals, just a couple of miles around the local nature reserve or a short ride to the shops and back. Don’t start with a hefty 50-mile ride and scare yourself off too soon.

Try electric

So many people get in touch through social media, reviews and email to let us know how much difference an electric bike has made to their health and fitness. They’re finally able to get back out there knowing that if they need it they have the bonus push from the electric motor. If you’re really not sure about ebikes then you can read more about them on the electric bike discovery hub. 

If you’re looking to test out an electric bike then call us on 01580 879694.

Find a cycling buddy

Find someone to ride with, whether they are already an avid cyclist or if they are scared to start cycling again too. You can support and motivate each other to get out on your bike, plus it’s a great way to have a quick catch up. You may both surprise each other with how well you can cycle.

Or join our Women’s Real Spin, and experience a non competitive cycling environment,

Cycle with your family

Younger members of your family may be keen cyclists so why not go for a ride with them! You can spend time bonding with them whilst enjoying the first ride in a long time. Plus if they’re still learning to ride you can help them too which will boost their confidence and yours.

Get yourself a decent ride

Your old bike is likely a little rusty to ride now, so it’s a good idea to get yourself a new one. It doesn’t have to be an expensive bike, you just need an entry level bike that’s suited to the type of riding you’ll be doing.

Speak to us about our Bike & Body Fit service to find out how we can help you!


Source: Raleigh


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