We all understand the importance of warming up before exercise, but in the excitement of starting your cycling days out in Kent, it can be all to easy to forget. But, with these easy (and fast) ways to warm up, preparing to cycle couldn’t be easier!

The Importance of Warming Up

No matter how much experience you have, it is important that you warm up before embarking on your cycle. Whether you are going on a gentle cycle or a more extreme track, if you do not warm up, you are more likely to experience some sort of injury. As well as reduced risk of injury, warming up before a ride can also improve your performance.

How Long Do I Need to Warm Up for?

Believe it or not, the longer the ride you are going on, the less time you need to spend warming up. When embarking on a shorter cycle, it is important that you get your heart rate up, so it is important to take a little extra time warming up.

How Should I Warm Up?

  • Stand up tall and stretch – By standing tall and stretching out, you are able to loosen up your back and torso muscles while reducing any tension in your spine.
  • Squat – Squatting is a great way to warm up as it activates your glutes and lower limb muscles while engaging a number of areas of your body which are vital when cycling.
  • Plank – Planking is ideal for building your core strength, and if executed properly, you can engage deep core muscles in a short space of time.

Completing just a few easy exercises can make a huge difference to your performance while enjoying cycling days out in Kent. Whether you are new to riding or have a wealth of experience.

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