The Maintenance Fundamentals course is designed around those wanting the basics of sorting your bike out. The start point is as basic as you need, and we expect absolutely no previous experience.

Key content

Although we have an outline syllabus, this is flexible and the tutors will patiently deliver the course entirely around your needs and how quickly you want to progress.

  • A bike and its parts
  • What you can do without tools
  • Basic tools and how to use them
  • Setting up your bike correctly – saddle, handlebars, levers
  • Pre-ride bike check – spot things before they go wrong
  • Punctures – taking the wheel out, tyre removal, mending the puncture, replacing inner tubes, replacing the tyre and wheel
  • Chains – mending broken chains
  • Brakes – cable adjustment
  • Gears – indexing (lining up the lever clicks with the gear changes)
  • Useful things to carry on your rides
  • Emergency repairs – what to do when…..

Course outcomes

This course is absolutely to enable you to gain confidence with your bike, how it works and how easy it is do simple things.

What you need

To attend this course you need to want to find out how to look after your bike, and be willing to get your hands just a little bit dirty. Bikes and tools are provided. We can tailor this course to suit your own individual set up.

Duration: ½ day.

What next?

Once you have completed this course, should you want to learn more maintenance skills, tips and tricks, you can progress on to the Trailside Maintenance course.

Our courses tend be held on a 1:1 bespoke basis or for small private groups to ensure that we help you on a date that suits you and to maximise your time and learning with us.

Price: £150pp

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