Where you are maintaining several bikes used by people other than yourself, this course covers how to use the systems and protocols that ensure that your bikes remain safe and you are able to fulfill and exceed statutory requirements.

Key content

This course looks at the maintenance of all equipment associated with activity delivery – bikes, helmets, group leader’s kit and other equipment.

Ideal for hire centres, activity providers and loan agents, this course covers:

  • Why are protocols required? – legislation and you as maintenance personel
  • Essential principles of operation for equipment provision
  • Equipment checks – on leaving, on returning and in-depth
  • Maintaining records and the audit trail
  • Quarantining and separation of unserviceable equipment
  • Comparison of your existing provision – what might need to change and how

This course can form part of a three courses in two days Maintenance Course Suite comprising the Road and Trailside Maintenance, Advanced Maintenance and Fleet Maintenance courses.

What next?

You may use this course as part of overall training in bike maintenance, where you are also maintaining bikes as part of your role.

You may go onto a Cytech course from here.

Course outcomes

The course will define how to maintain individual bikes and equipment as well as fleets and enable the use of your record-keeping and daily work systems, to ensure that best practice and legal requirements are fulfilled.

This includes the essential how to’s:

  • fixing and maintaining bikes
  • pre-emptive maintenance (spotting when things might break before they do)
  • using your record system effectively.

Where this course is provided at your venue, your existing systems are utilised and made as workable as possible, in the light of legal and practical requirements.

This course is designed for those who look after the equipment, make sure that it is working, get the spanners out and complete the records of work undertaken.

What you need

This course covers an amount of actual bike maintenance, but is most applicable where you have completed at least the Road and Trailside Maintenance and ideally the Advanced Maintenance course previously.

You will also be working or volunteering at a location where several bikes and associated equipment are used, potentially by a variety of users over time. Classic locations include bike hire facilities, outdoor centres, bike shops running loan schemes and other activity providers.

Our courses tend be held on a 1:1 bespoke basis or for small private groups to ensure that we help you on a date that suits you and to maximise your time and learning with us.

Price: £150

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