Do your employees cycle to work?

Do you offer the cycle to  / bike to work scheme?

Do you have company vehicles?

Do you have a vehicle fleet

Do you want to reduce the risk of cycling related accidents and injuries within your work force

Do you want to reduce cycling related absenteeism

If you offer a cycle to work scheme, do you want to ensure that employees are adequately trained in the safe use of a bike to minimise risk

Do you want you company drivers to be more aware of cyclists

Do you want to reduce the instances of cycling related incidents within your vehicle fleet

Whether you want to ensure that your employees who cycle to work are properly trained or whether you want to raise awareness and reduce the risk of an accident with your company drivers, we have a course that is right to you. We are able to deliver National Standards Cycle Training to levels 1,2 & 3.

Promoting cycling in the workplace is a great thing to do. It’s great for:

  • the environment,
  • increases staff fitness and reduces absenteeism
  • has been proven to increase staff performance & productivity by 60%
  • Reduce Staff turnover by 25%

Empower your workforce with the necessary skills to be safe. Call today on 01580 879694 for more information.

Our courses tend be held on a 1:1 bespoke basis or for small private groups to ensure that we help you on a date that suits you and to maximise your time and learning with us.

Price: £150 (group cost £80.00 pp)

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