Our confidence courses are designed to give you the fundamental bike control skills required to ride on singletrack and off road terrain. By concentrating on the basics, like your riding position, braking and cornering we’ll give you the confidence to take on terrain that you may well have avoided at the start of the day.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is fairly new to mountain biking.

  • Bikers who are already happy on flat trails like forest roads and towpaths.

  • Those who want to start riding technical trails.

  • Those who lack the confidence or knowledge required to ride on our singletrack trails.

Course content

  • How the right riding position smoothes out the trail and gives you more control.

  • How to brake smoothly and under control.

  • Which gears work best, when and how to shift gear smoothly and efficiently.

  • How to tackle moderate uphill and downhill gradients with confidence.

  • How to cope with the common trail obstacles such as small steps, tree roots and tight corners.

Duration: 3 hrs

Our courses tend be held on a 1:1 bespoke basis or for small private groups to ensure that we help you on a date that suits you and to maximise your time and learning with us.

Price: £150 (group cost £80.00 pp - max 4 places)

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