Bike hire in Kent by Quench!

Here at Quench, based in the wonderful surroundings of Bedgebury, we maintain our bikes to a very high level and have one of the largest single site hire fleets in the whole of Europe!

We think that hiring a bike and enjoying all Bedgebury has to offer is a very good idea, and here’s why:

Keep fit and healthy

Cycling is a low impact form of exercise and can be great way for anyone to get fit. Cycling is linked to improved stamina, balance and strength.

The NHS recommend 150 minutes each week to establish cardiovascular fitness. It can even help with insomnia!

You can have an extra portion

Cycling burns a staggering 600 kilojoules of energy per hour on average. This does not include the energy your body expends repairing itself!

A great excuse to have another portion if you ask us!

An exciting adventure

Singletracking is following a narrow mountain biking trail, approximately the width of a bike. At Bedgebury there is over 13km of single track available and can provide a challenge for beginners or experts.

Quench can train you on this thrilling activity!

A great family activity

Pack some sandwiches and head out on a great adventure at Bedgebury! It’s fun for the whole family and can be a great way to bond.

A great way to de-stress

Exercising is a great way to release endorphins, the chemicals which make you feel good and help to release stress.


Cycling is a great way to meet people.

See great scenery

Kent is called England’s Garden for a reason! Bedgebury is full of beautiful forestry and some fantastic views.

Bike Hire In Kent

Quench is a fantastic place for bike hire in Kent. Why not visit us today?


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